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Champion Striking will host our 3rd K1 Kickboxing - Semi Contact Sparring Tournament on September 7th, and it is open to all ages and experience levels! We have had impressive turnouts over the past two events and look to make this one even bigger!

This is a Technical Competition, so no knockouts will be allowed. This makes it an excellent opportunity for new competitors to gain competition experience and for more experienced students to stay sharp.

You can pre-register online using the link below or contact Champion Striking directly.

👉FIGHTER EARLY BIRD PRE-REGISTRATION is $35, but it will increase to $45 on July 8th, and finally $55 on August 12th. Get registered early and save money!

Registration day opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 10:00 AM sharp, so be early.

(See schedule below)

Mandatory Equipment:

  • 16 oz gloves for Adults and Teens over 12 years old

  • 12 oz for kids 12 and under

  • Shinpads

  • Cloth Hand wraps

  • Cup

  • Mouthpiece

  • Headgear

Bring your own equipment❗️

Champion Striking will have gloves, shin pads, and headgear for sale.


Legal Strikes

  • All Punches allowed (must land with the knuckles)

  • Controlled spinning techniques are allowed

  • Kicks to the legs, body, and head - round kicks- front kicks-side kicks

  • Knees are allowed to the body

  • 3-5 sec Clinch with knees

  • Can catch kicks and throw one strike, then release (2 steps max with catch)

Illegal Strikes and Techniques:

This is a semi-contact competition. Full-contact strikes are not allowed. We will strictly enforce this

  • No elbows or forearm strikes

  • No Hammer Fists, ridge, or knife hand attacks

  • Sweeps, throws, and takedowns are not allowed

  • No kicks to the front of the knee

  • No knees to the head

Weight Divisions: These are general weight divisions. Matches are set based on experience, and we will match opponents as close to weight (10 lbs) and age as possible. Remember, this is semi-contact, so we are looking for technique, not power.

Weight cuts are not necessary

Adult Men

  1. Lightweight: 149.9 and below.

  2. Middleweight: 150-175.

  3. Heavyweight: 175.1 - & up.


Adult Women

  1. Lightweight: 121 and below.

  2. Middleweight: 121.1-143.

  3. Heavyweight: 143.1 - & UP

Juniors - Ages 17 & Below

8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17. Age will be the first factor, and weight will be the second factor.

Round Lengths:

There are no knockouts, so the best 2 out of 3 rounds will be declared the winner (win two rounds, win the match)

  • Rounds will be 60 sec, 90 sec, or 2 min, depending on age and experience levels.

No Professionals are allowed to enter❗️


  1. Registration and Weigh-in 9:00 AM. - 10:00 AM (closes at 10:00 am sharp, so be early)

  2. Fighter and Coach Rules meeting and matchmaking 11:00 (all fighters and coaches must be present at the time of matching or forfeit right to adjust matches)

  3. Spectators Doors open at 11:00 AM First Match 11:45 AM

Pre-registration link below! 👇

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