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Adult Kickboxing

The road to fitness, strength, and endurance has never been more exciting.

Workout like a champion while honing the skills of self-defense and competition. Our kickboxing program is meant for all  ages, proficiency, and gender. 


  • Basic Striking- Punches, Kicks, Knees and Elbows

  • Footwork

  • Pad holding

  • Fight Concepts and Theory

  • Defense and counter attacks

  • Proper techniques and how to apply these in real-life situations

  • Kickboxing for practical Self-Defense


  • Increase coordination

  • Designed to give beginners all the skills to look like a pro!

  • Improve flexibility while burning calories throughout the session

  • Weight management


Learn the proper technique to use and defend punches, kicks, knees, and more. Students train with a partner in a safe and controlled environment for all ages and proficiencies.


Fundamentals Kickboxing 

The basics of kickboxing introduced at the beginning of your journey. Students will learn how to properly preform; defend; how to train with a partner, and how to hold pads for a partner while developing the fitness needed for kickboxing.

 All Levels Kickboxing 

In this class we will build on the fundamental skills, add more reactive drills, and introduce intermediate concepts.

 Competition Prep

This class is designed for those interested in competing or training like a competitor. This Class offers live training and reactive drills as well as some more advanced concepts introduced in this class.

Note: We resort to a progressive approach when introducing live training to students. Newer students get to join the class and learn how to spar and drill with each other. They also receive feedback from more advanced students while training. Advanced sparring in the last part of the class and is comprised of advanced students only.


This is where you get to test the skills you have practiced in a controlled, live environment. This class is designed for those interested in competition and self-defense. Students will have the opportunity to work with all skill levels and receive feedback from the coaches.

Sparring is not a required part of our program, but it is a great way to test your skills and techniques in a live but controlled environment. You will learn how to stay relaxed in a real situation and how to defend attacks real time.

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