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We offer the same free consultation to those interested in competition to discuss our classes and a schedule to help them achieve their goals. We ensure competitors are prepared for a good experience when they step into the ring. Coach Len has laid out a guideline for competitors to follow to ensure they are prepared and show they are ready for competition.

Discuss your goals to compete with Coach Len so he can structure your training accordingly.


You must train consistently, contingent on your schedule and availability. This should be discussed in advance with Coach Len so a training plan can be put together.

Must attend both technical and sparring classes to obtain the skills necessary to be successful in the ring.

Display ability to execute and maintain proper technique while sparring.

Your conditioning needs to be at competition level before a fight will be scheduled.  (We look for a minimum of double your competition rounds without gassing out)

Must have a positive attitude towards training and your teammates and your coaches. No negative ego. We are martial artists first so you must represent the sport in a professional manner. 







Show Coach Len you want it! Be on time, be consistent, work hard, and enjoy the process! 

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