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Meet The Team

Cory Cook.jpeg

Cory Cook

Kickboxing and Fitness Coach

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach


Cory started Training Kickboxing when she opened Champion Striking and Fitness with her husband, Len Cook, in August 2016 and has been training with and under Len learning program design and coaching for strength and Fitness since 2013! She assists students and classes to improve performance and proper form in our Cardio and Kickboxing classes and handles social marketing for the gym. Cory completed the Champion Striking Kickboxing Certification in February 2022 and is certified for Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coaching!


“I love the atmosphere and community we have here at Champion Striking. We strive to ensure that each person we work with has the best experience and can achieve and attain their goals. We are fortunate that our young daughter gets to grow up surrounded by strong and inspirational people daily.”

Tanner Perry

Kickboxing Coach

Wrestling and MMA Coach

Tanner started training and competing in wrestling and grappling from childhood through high school. After graduating Tanner began the transition into striking and MMA, competing in both art forms for several years. While competing he began using his years of experience to develop competitors in wrestling, becoming the Head Wrestling Coach at Sullivan East High School coaching several state qualifiers and state placers. At the same time using his experience in the cage to train fitness enthusiasts as well as amateur and professional fighters under Coach Len Cook.


“Training, competing, and coaching martial arts in several forms has shaped who I am today. It’s taught me discipline, patience, work ethic, self-confidence, honesty with myself and others, mental toughness, and has gotten me through some of the toughest times. As well as teaching me valuable lessons that I will use the rest of my life.”

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Amanda Dowell.jpeg

Amanda Dowell

Kickboxing and Fitness Coach

Amanda is a Nursing Home Administrator who joined Champion Striking in May 2019. I started training at Champion Striking and Fitness in May of 2019 with zero experience in any type of Martial arts. What started as a workout quickly became a passion. Not only were the classes fun they were designed for people of all experience levels. I was welcomed into a wonderful community of people that I call my teammates. They helped hold me accountable and encourage me. After starting in 2019, I have lost 45 pounds and feel better than I did 10 years ago. Champion Striking and Fitness changed my life. Amanda has completed the Champion Striking Kickboxing Certification Course.

Joey Dishman

Kickboxing Coach


Joey started training kickboxing and Jiu jitsu in 2013 to help his children learn martial arts for self-defense. He didn’t realize how much he would enjoy it and stay dedicated for so long. He currently coaches the 6 am morning classes and is a brown belt in Jiu jitsu. Joey completed his kickboxing certification in Feb. 2022. Through the process Joey has learned many aspects of the kickboxing practice and enjoys helping others learn the technique.


“I never thought that I would enjoy kickboxing as much as I do and teaching others has become my passion. One of the biggest accomplishments as a coach is to see your students grow in the sport that they never thought they would.”

Tina Rose.jpeg

Tina Rose

Youth Kickboxing Coach Assistant

Kickboxing Coach

Tina started her kickboxing journey in 2018. She was looking for a good workout, and thought that kickboxing might come with some much needed stress relief as well.  She had no idea that she was in for a life changing adventure.  She says, "Kickboxing has made me stronger physically and more importantly, mentally and helped me build confidence that I never knew existed.  On top of that I've found myself surrounded by an amazing gym family and made lifelong friends." She likes coaching students of all ages and fitness levels. She enjoys observing the progress of seeing the students evolve into their full potential. One of her greatest accomplishments has been stepping into the ring at 42 to compete in her first fight.

Rachel Kirk

Kickboxing Coach


Rachel began kickboxing in November 2020 and she's been training and sparring with the fight team at Champion ever since. She completed Champion's Striking’s Kickboxing certification in February 2022 and now enjoys leading classes and working with students, especially those who are brand new to the kickboxing world. "When I first started, I didn't know anything about kickboxing and now I can't imagine my life without it. I have exercised for my entire adult life and I have never found a workout that I have enjoyed this much. I'm stronger than I've ever been and I am having so much fun."

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