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Meet Len Cook

Len has over two decades of experience in Martial Arts, MMA, and Kickboxing as a practitioner and competitor, but his true passion lies in sharing his knowledge and skills with others as a teacher. Len was introduced to Martial Arts through Kung Fu at the age of five.


Curiosity turned to passion when he experienced Kickboxing in his teenage years. It was in 2008 that Len transitioned from Traditional Martial Arts to competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Taking on this new venture earned him two Bantamweight Champion titles. It was in 2011 that he won the ISKA southeastern regional title, making him the number 1 Bantam-weight fighter in the Southeast region. However, titles and awards were mere reminders of a mission to empower others with the skills he had acquired.

Seeing people regain their confidence, stamina, improve their mental health and quality of life through his program inspired him to establish Champion Striking and Fitness in 2016. He developed a community where both seasoned fighters and newcomers support one another and are encouraged to apply the discipline of Kickboxing to their daily lives.



A Champion

In 2021, Len co-developed the collaboration Composing a Champion with musician and colleague Dave Eggar, integrating Martial Arts principles, techniques, and drills into the performing arts. The psychological, philosophical, and physical attributes of a competitive combat sports athlete and professional musician introduced a cutting-edge approach to transforming physical skillsets and mental preparation processes for performance in both the arts and professional world.


Through Composing a Champion, Len has introduced Martial arts Concepts via Programs, Lectures and workshops to universities

and performing arts centers across the country, such as:

National Young Arts Foundation

CES Educational Center for the Arts

IFAA (Idaho Fine Arts Academy)

University of Texas San Antonio

NJCU (New Jersey City University)

ETSU (East Tennessee State University)

Five Seasons Chamber Music Festival

University Of Georgia

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